Home Security After A Brake In

home security after a break-in

Here are some tips for you if your home has been broken into, refer to this link for more details.

  1. Call the police
  2. Secure your home again – windows, doors, locks either repaired or changed if keys were stolen
  3. Determine whats missing
  4. submit an insurance claim
  5. Conduct a full home security audit
  6. Seek help
  7. Take preventative measures


How do burglars usually break in?

  1. Front door
  2. Back door
  3. Side doors
  4. Windows
  5. Garage

With all these areas make sure the locks are not old, older locks are easier to get into as they could be loose or rusted. More information at this link.

The future of door locks?

With many new doors, an electrical aspect is put in now with either a camera on the door, a keypad, or an intercom. In some cases, all of this can be installed as well. 

This allows you to have even more security and act as a deterrent for break-ins.